Needle Breaks - Possible Reasons


Important: when a sewing machine needle breaks, make sure to retrieve all of the broken pieces of the needle. The pieces can get into the bobbin compartment causing the sewing machine not to work.


Possible Reasons and how to correct:


  1. The size of the needle or the type of the needle is not correct. Replace the needle with a correct one.
  2. The sewing foot is not the correct one. Replace the foot with a correct one.
  3. The needle isn't inserted properly in the needle bar. Insert the needle correctly and role the balance wheel by hand to check that the needle is moving up and down.
  4. The needle is worn out from use. Replace it with a different needle.
  5. The foot is too loose. Tighten the foot screw.
  6. Pulling the fabric as it is being sewn. Don't pull the fabric, the feed dogs are doing that, just guide the fabric gently.
  7. The screw that clamps the needle in place may be loose. Tighten the needle clamp screw.
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