Upper Thread Breaks - Get help


 Possible Reasons and how to correct:


  1. The sewing machine may not be threaded right. Rethread it correctly.
  2. The thread may be weak or too old. Replace the spool of thread
  3. The needle isn't inserted properly in the needle bar. Insert the needle properly and roll the balance wheel to check that the needle is moving up and down.
  4. The needle is bent or worn, not straight and sharp. Replace the needle.
  5. The bobbin's tension is not correct (too loose or too tight). If correcting the threading of the bobbin did not solve the problem, try to change the amount of tension in the bobbin case by screwing the little screw on the case very gently.
  6. The machine needle could be the wrong size. Replace the needle with the right size.
  7. Starting to sew too fast. Start the machine at a slower speed.
  8. The thread becomes tangled. Remove the tangle and thread it again.
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