I got started sewing in 2006. I can't remember a time when I haven't wanted to create beautiful clothes for kids and babies. My formal profession is an industrial engineer with a lot of experience in that field. I worked in many prestigious organizations. I loved my profession, but I always had the urge to do something more with my love of creation. So, I started learning how to sew by myself and took private lessons from a senior and a very professional sewer. She taught me all the secrets of sewing and also how to grade sewing patterns.

I am a mother of 3 children: five year old girl tween and 2 years old boy. My children are my greatest source of inspiration for creativity. 

'Boutique sewing patterns on www.sewing-patterns.org' - is my online sewing patterns store that carries sewing patterns for making clothes and accessories for children, toddlers and babies. Theses sewing patterns are dedicated to my children.  


  • The sewing patterns are homemade, original and useful. The designs are made with great attention to detail.
  • Sewing patterns beginners, Easy to use. The sewing patterns include detailed tutorials, many diagrams and simple, unique, easy to follow designs, making them ideal for a sewing novice to use.

  • Printable Patterns. When a pattern is purchased, you'll get an email containing a link to a PDF file. This file includes a tutorial and a pattern. Just print out the file (PDF for A4 printing on your home printer.), cut out the pattern and start sewing.

  • There are free patterns. You can download free patterns and check the sewing pattern's quality. free patterns.

  • Service. The relationship with a customer does not end when the sale is made. In any question you may have or assistant you may need, contact 'Boutique sewing patterns on www.sewing-patterns.org' and you will be answered. contact.
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