Step no.  1

Choose a sewing pattern. Browse through our categories on the homepage, or enter keywords into the search box located at the top of any page.


Step no.  2

Check the sewing pattern you chose. Read the item description, see the thumbnail images.


Step no.  3

Purchase the sewing pattern. 

1.   Using the "+/-" next to the "add to cart" button, you can choose the number of downloads you want to buy.

2.   Click "Add to cart" button.

3.   A pop-up window will be opened:


  • "Continue shopping" - click it if you want to choose more sewing patterns.
  • "Proceed to checkout" - click it if you want to pay for the pattern you chose (in case you chose one of our free sewing patterns, click it to proceed and get the PDF file).

4.   Checkout:


  • Login or create a new account:  Login if you registered before and you have a username and password - insert your username & password, click "login".  Register If this is your first purchase at 'Boutique sewing patterns -' -  enter your information, click "register" (see "how to register"). 
  • Enter your coupon: if you have one, enter the code here.
  • Your cart: A list of the patterns you want to buy. Check that all details are correct. In case you want to change quantities of sewing patterns, you can do it here. Don't forget to refresh icon () after changing quantity. You can also delete the sewing pattern from cart with the delete icon (). 
  • "Next" button: Click "Next" button at the bottom of page (the "next" button will show up only after you registered/login). You will be transferred to make the payment with PayPal.


Step no.  4

Download the pattern you bought.

Once you have finished paying in PayPal, you will get three e-mails to the e-mails address you wrote in the registration form (in case of ordering free sewing pattern, you'll get two emails). You will get these e-mails in the following order:

  1. Creation of your order: The subject of this e-mail is "Your order No. xxx is now created at". In this e-mail you will see: your order was created, summary of your order and the billing address. 
  2. Receipt for Your Payment: The subject of this e-mail is "Receipt for Your Payment". In this e-mail you will see the details of your payment to 'Boutique sewing patterns -'. 
  3. Confirmation of your order: The subject of this e-mail is "Your order No. xxx is now confirmed at". In this e-mail you will see: the status of your order is "confirmed", a summary of your order and the billing address. Within the section "summary of your order" you will find a link to the PDF sewing pattern you bought. You can click this link and download the PDF file.This is the email you'll get: 





Please don't hesitate to contact us for any question or problem you have, we will be happy to assist you!

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